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Jaked new top racing swimsuit. J-Krono is a swimsuit that completely breaks away from the classic patterns of competition swimsuit construction. Its design introduces radical innovations in design and comfort. There is no longer an inner lining, but there is talk of two technical fabrics: performance layer - first outer layer - and contact layer - second inner layer. The swimsuit thanks to its X-shaped construction is skin tight, impalpable and firm on the body, ensuring a sublime fit. The lasered and micro-perforated rhombus gusset is an innovation in design and fitting. In the women's version, the upper body is highly supportive for optimal trim in the water - core stability. The lower body, on the other hand, has superlative mobility, specifically sought after for more technical swimming styles and long distances. In the men's version, the rear transverse cut glues the suit to the athlete's lower back.

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