Crazy Black Friday Week 2022

From 21 to 27 November 2022, we offer you incredible prices on our entire range and you choose your discount, between 20% and 50%.

If you buy :
  • one item, you get a 20% discount. Use code BFW1 at checkout.
  • two items, you get a 30% discount. Use code BFW2 at checkout.
  • three items, you get a 40% discount. Use code BFW3 at checkout.
  • four items, you get a 50% discount. Use code BFW4 at checkout.
Here is an example:
If you buy a men's JKatana suit, it will cost you CHF 128 (CHF 160 - 20%)
If you add a cap for CHF 15.00, you only pay CHF 122.50 (CHF 175 - 30%) for both items*.
And so on ...

Answers to possible questions :
  • Question: Can I order products for someone else in my order? Answer: Yes, but you have to be sure of the sizes (or indicate in the order under comments that you need help with the sizes) because products sold during Black Friday Week are not exchanged!
  • Question: Do I have to buy different items? Answer: No, you can buy the same item 4 times.
  • Question: Can I buy more than 4 items? Answer: No, not on the same order.
To get the discount corresponding to the number of items ordered, simply enter the corresponding code at checkout: BFW1 or BFW2 or BFW3 or BFW4.

Reminder: if you want to take advantage of Black Friday Week but you don't know the size that suits you yet, you can :
  • contact us at before placing your order or
  • indicate that you need "help with sizing" in the comments field of your order.
* discounts are not applied to shipping costs, which are charged for each order